External MIDI notes not recorded in the same track if previous notes are kept pressed

Bug Description

When recording external midi to a track, if the first note is kept pressed, subsequent notes are not recorded to the same track, and fail to record if there are no more armed tracks.

Reproduction Steps


  1. Live record: Record a note on step 1 and keep it pressed.
  2. Record another note in step 4 and keep it pressed.
  3. Release keys at step 8
    Result. Only the note from the step 1 is recorded.


Happens every time


  • If the example is reproduced with two tracks armed, the note in step #2 gets added to track 2.
  • If the notes are recorded separately in a loop, the notes lengths are stacked and work as expected:
    • Record a note in step 1 that has a 16 step duration. Release the key.
    • Record another note at step 8 that has a 8 step duration. Release the key
    • The notes play stacked at step 8 as expected.

Found in

  • Version: example 1.4.1
  • Build: 1099



Hi @baj , thanks for a detailed bug report, this makes is very easy to understand. But I have to apologise for slow reply. Maybe you noticed, we just released a new product and being a small team, we needed strong focus for that.

Not to keep you waiting further, I asked our development team about this and will get back to you asap.

In the meantime, it’s party “by design” because we cannot play 2 notes at the same time on one track: so while recording the engine “knows” you’re still holding a note and doesn’t want to start the next one. On the next “loop” it basically stops the 1st note (as per limitation 1 note per track at a time) and records/plays the 2nd one on top. The limitation cannot be changed, but we could probably fix the behavior. Let me know if this still makes sense for you.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Hello @miropoly , thanks for the reply!

It may be actually a bug, because I can successfully sequence that behaviour in a single track:

step 1: note C length 16
step 5: note E length 12
step 9: note G length 8

We can hear a chord beginning on track 5.

Apart from this polyphonic scenario , another really annoying issue with this is trying to live rec a monophonic bassline on a single track,especially if it has glide, you need to make absolutely sure that you NEVER have two notes pressed or you will lose notes of your performance.

This is only on recording mode as you don’t lose any notes while live playing.
Another “case” for this being a bug is the “note on” events are happening on different steps, it should NOT affect if we still have the keys pressed from previous step.


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Yes I have had issues with accidental legato completely screwing up my monophonic live-recording too. Thank you for mentioning this. This is absolutely one of the things I was thinking of when I mentioned bugginess in the original Play yesterday. I believe the desired behavior would be to move on to the new note and stop the first one.

@baj @a.radder , thanks for your comments. We will look into fixing this issue and let you know when it’s ready. Thanks for your support!