Exporting stems with tempo inaccuracy (drift) - Are there solutions?

I found few topics about tempo inaccuracy while exporting stems and adding them to DAW.
It seems they are out of sync and this is not linear tempo change, but some evaluating kinda drift.
Is there any way to solve of this problem? Cause I still have it on 1.6.0 version*(((

Do you have links to those related discussions? Also, can you provide a project where this tempo inaccuracy is reproducable? If so - please upload it, then we could possibly convert this to a Bug report.

I have personally encountered this so far on only one project, without any clear indication how and why it happens. I solved it in that case by just recording every individual track in realtime to my DAW.
Which i tend to do anyway, because i use a lot of MIDI/External Gear with the Tracker.

there was number discussion on github https://github.com/polyend/TrackerBetaTesting/issues/512
[1.3.0] Song Export issues · Issue #697 · polyend/TrackerBetaTesting · GitHub
[1.2.0] Tempo of Export Song Stems not accurate · Issue #281 · polyend/TrackerBetaTesting · GitHub
Polyend Tracker - Page 23 - MOD WIGGLER
there are few others, but they are all about the same - exporting stems have tempo bug, which i have non-linear type, so you cant fix it just entering some other tempo in tracker or change it in DAW. You can only quantize it I guess, but it’s quite crazy way)))
I’d try to record one by one, which is bit frustrating. But we’ll see if this works, cause I’m afraid that it could bring clock difference between recorded tracks. I’d check and write


Hey guys! It was my fault in general.
Or not. It depends of point of view)

So. The issue happened cause at the very end of couple of patterns I used “OFF” note message with “micro-move” FX message. And it kinda moved next pattern on micro-move value.
On my mind it should’t act like this. It shouldnt MOVE next pattern, I mean.
But anyway - after I deleted it, tempo became as expected through whole track.)

P.S. It didn’t moved patterns previously, cause I used external sync on playback. So external clock made it sync pattern start with grid. And while it use internal sync when exporting stems, it started to act in it’s own way)


I just noticed this same issue when using Tracker exported stems in Logic Pro, they drift ever so slightly from the metronome after the pattern repeats a few times. I zoomed in on the timeline and it definitely looked like the kick was ahead of the downbeat. Could be Logic Pro is wonky but figured it’s worth noting here. I can retest the same stems in pro tools in the morning to compare DAWs.

I do have a couple patterns with note OFF at the beginning or end, but no FX at all. I can retest exporting stems after removing note OFF completely to see if that makes a difference, but seems like a silly quirk if so.