Exporting stems from Performance mode

Bouncing a ‘‘states of performance’’ into stereo stems.

To record stems from the master stereo track via shift + performance (while in performance) either by a punch in /out or by set number of divisions.

Multiple takes (Shift+pref) into a ‘‘buffer file’’ to render multiple performance stems only once for fast workflow.

What is the problem?

Arranging ‘‘performance setting’’ into song arrangement

What do you want to achieve?

Working within the unit without the need of external devices

Are there any workarounds?

Record the current Performance to a external device , trim and reload as new files

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

This is exclusive to the Play

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IMO This with the upcoming L&R file loading and slice :wink: would greatly add to Play s production value as a stand alone re-sampling workstation vs just a playback device

If this is possible It be ace if one can save a few favorite ‘‘state of current performance’’ before comminting to render ( say shift + performance to mark scene into a ‘‘buffer file’’) and ‘‘process to stems’’ only once (effectively bouncing all marked performance into multiple stems, never leaving or stopping preformance, just quick and effective, find cool settings, render and reload and Vanilla Ice is your uncle, you are now juggeling preformances in the arrangement c: all within the unit

Wouldn’t this problem be solved by this wish welcoming votes?

Not in the way you propose (multisampling the performance live) but being able to copy the sound of your performance into the sequencer. Once it’s there, you could export stems normally.

Absolutely !

Thank you … was not aware of this request, the only diff here is what you can do in ‘‘midi vs audio’’,

Id swing eather way as this is so creatively powerful: from a fundamental level to way beyond the limits of experimental and intentif expression.

@UnReAl I have added a link from Applying the perform mode's effects permanently to this draft here, so the Polyend team can look at it if and when they assess the implementation of that request. I think we can archive this topic now.

Thank you!

I will add;

having this as audio stems gives more of an open field in creative expression, as you can re-effect, chop/slice and tune etc the stems vs just arranging midi events …

If I had to make a choice, saving a buffer of quick audio stems in performance would be preferred

Id be gratefull eather way tbh and if this midi scene can be added into stems anyway,… then it dont matter as we are all drinking the Queens tee at that point :wink:

Ok, let’s finish this draft, then.

I have edited the title because the original one was confusing. What do you think?

What if, instead, the user would define in the settings the length of the stems in number of steps. This is better than bars, given that the Play accepts all kinds of measures and ryhthms, and different track lengths and play speeds per track.

You mean per-track stems, right? In a basic pattern of 16 steps and 8 tracks, with a defined division of 4 steps per stem, you would get… 4 x 8 = 32 stems, right? And it would be fine if some stems are just silent because there is no note triggered within the 4 steps of the stem.

I wonder, what about delay, reverb, and other effects extending the sound beyond the time of the 4 steps of a stem. Are these effects cut by the end of the last step or do you expect the stem to contain the last decibel of i.e. a long delay?

Sorry, many questions, but if a developer looks at this request in its current state, I believe these are the first questions that would come to mind.

[quote=“icaria36, post:8, topic:4138, full:true”]
Ok, let’s finish this draft, then.

I have edited the title because the original one was confusing. What do you think?

IMO the orginal title is fine

Well by steps could be ok but its overcomplicating this a bit as one would be re-sequencing the stems. So input of note length /or in the monophonic nature of a track the playback is determined as is sample end so its a detail that is not needed

the small stems idea is more of a convenience of work speed (and simplicity of code) rather than anything else…

And even more simple workflow is that stems can be tagged by simply realtime punch in /out

As ambiguous as your idea is, it is completely unnecessary (and taxing in code), the stereo/master FX bus is the only track needed here.

The user can set up any mute-state wanted in performance and ‘‘tag’’ it into the state buffer … no need to do 16 individual stems stems.

So track 1,4,8, can be in one state…
change some performance settings and store them into a new state,

the next state could be just track 2(solo) with a dif note repeat and so on

then once the buffer is full (4stereo /8mono or w@ever is allowed) you just render once and you have these clips
‘‘ready to play’’
:point_up_2: #Polyends Play new promotional slogan

the delay tail and such is not necessary as its not meant to be used like that, you’d loop these and trigger them in creative ways.

Id imagine if you want the reverb tail or delay time you can set up and catch them via normal track rendering if needed

Ok np. thank you for your help ,

This is the original title:

Preference mode status to >> Stem

I think most readers would need to read the description to understand what this wish is about.

Thanks for your explanation. I couldn’t deduce these details from the current description. Can you improve the description to explain your wish in more detail, please?

This wish is only about the stereo master, not about individual tracks. Good.

The stems would be cut at the exact length defined. No need to bother about reverb, delay, etc. Good.

The user would be able to define the length of the stems. Whether this length are bars, steps, seconds… I’m sure the Polyend team will figure out something if and when they get there. My concern about bars is that they are relative to time signature, a concept that the Play knows nothing about. The Play can count steps, loops, and probably seconds.

What is still unclear to me is how the user would tell the Play to start recording a stem.

Ahhh … well excuse my case of like a cat on juce attention … yet somehow the title has magically changed to ‘‘Exporting stems from Performance mode’’ which is perfect :wink:

Ok thanks for the clarification, yet I would assume the time signature would determin the Bar length on individual track basis … I will edit the request slightly to include the missing info …

I did read that anyone can edit wishes so please feel free, I don’t have so much time for this

I’m happy to help, but first I need to understand what you have in your mind. As you saw yesterday, I tried to read your mind beyond the one sentence you wrote in the description, and I got it totally wrong. :slight_smile:

Now it’s clearer, thanks to your explanations. Can you comment on this, please? Or indeed, anybody else can contribute ideas too. I have no opinion about this wish myself, I just want to help pushing other people’s wishes. :sweat_smile:

ok done … feel free to edit if it needs to clarify

This can all be done by resampling choping up and reloading into the Play from an extrenal device
But this would be so 10x faster …

If this is declined…
Can we expect USB audio in the future? as that too would aid this perf stem biz /bypassing DA /AD

This was a previous wish that had to be declined, because of hardware/performance limitations:

I would like to chime in with a technical approach/solution, how this feature might be able to be implemented.

I have doubts that a realtime recording of stems will be possible, which may be what you guys are envisioning. As in:

  • you play your track and just punch in performance effects until you are done with your track.
  • You get a rendered file or stems at the end

But what may be possible is a recording mode that would just write/remember the exact times that you activate/deactivate a performance effect (and the info for the used effect).

In order for this to make sense though, i think you would have to make sure that you have a song structure in place that can play through the entire track. This would definitely help in making it easier to map the punch-in performance effects to the correct times for rendering the stems/master.

Another option would be to do both. A recording mode that remembers, which patterns you active/mute etc and the punch in effects. Based on that temporary mapping, you might be able to create stems/masters.

I hope that made sense, else i’ll try to explain in more detail.

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Hi @UnReAl , thanks for your contribution. Exporting stems from Perform mode will be available if Applying the perform mode's effects permanently gets implemented. Please vote for that wish if you’d like to see this feature. I will close this one as duplicate.


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