Exporting song or stems create tempo innacuracy at specific point

Bug Description

When exporting a song, both the master and stems reveal a tempo speed up at a very specific point in time. Placing the export into a DAW and testing with a metronome, I can confirm that bar 145 comes in almost exactly a beat early, at the 3:23 mark. (project tempo is 170)

Reproduction Steps

  1. Using the project linked below, select export song or export stems
  2. Place stems in a DAW and move the start of each track to the beginning in the DAW timeline
  3. Set tempo at 170 and turn on metronome
  4. Review bar 145 at the 3:23 mark, you can hear the transition speed up and come in a beat early. (reviewing in DAW reflects almost exactly 1 beat early)
  5. To review this in the PE project on the Tracker, The speed up occurs at the end of slot 20, transitioning to slot 21 (patterns 2 and 6 respectively). I do not think this speed up occurs on the device, only with the export.


always with the attached project.
NOTE - while attempting to reduce the file size and exporting a smaller project file to meet the upload size, I was NOT able to reproduce this bug. Originally, I removed all slots from 1-18 and 24-end to only keep the transition area where the speed up occurred. I used ‘Delete Unused’ in the sample loader, and deleted unused patterns as well. The reduced project did NOT reflect this tempo issue with any exported song or stems.

Found in

go to Config > Firmware page on your device and copy version / build numbers below

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561



This shared folder should allow you to download the project zip file, as well as the exported master track that reflected the tempo drift.

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