Export to MIDI Files

What is the problem?

When using Play as an external sequencer to a DAW, MIDI jitter leads to inconsistent timing results This issue is endemic to hybrid studio setups in general.

MIDI file creation and export would significantly increase the value of the Play for time constrained producers and hobbyists.

This would allow producers to work independently in Play while then allowing for patterns to be rapidly exported for use.

What do you want to achieve?

MIDi file export options would strengthen the role of the Play— 2 obvious paths exist:

  1. Export MIDI Patterns to MIDI Files

    • Current MIDI Pattern; Current Variation
    • Current MIDI Pattern; All Variations
    • All MIDI Patterns; All Variations
  2. Export Audio Patterns to MIDI Files

    • Current Audio Pattern; Current Variation
    • Current Audio Pattern; All Variations
    • All Audio Patterns; All Variations

Are there any workarounds?

Workarounds are unreasonably laborious— including recording passes into the DAW and then quantizing and reapplying groove on a per track basis,

ERM Multiclock hardware workaround is one possibility but this approach does not remedy the need to manually record MIDI into the DAW Sequencer one pattern/variation at a time.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Thank you @damian.wilbur for submitting a very clear wish. I have just added the missing sections from the template just in case other know about discussions or products that would be relevant here.

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@here thanks for the contribution. You can vote now!

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Please, programming Polyend Gods, this would be quite cool.

Together with audio export, this would make the Polyend into such a production powerhouse. Bridging a gap between sketching and the studio.


Yes, this is the first and only really important wish to me!

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Very, very important! We need to be able to export!

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