EQing unmelodic samples into pads

I’m investigating buying a Tracker+ and would like to make ambient music with nature-based field records. I’m wondering if it’s possible to EQ and unmelodic sample into a pad as in this video: https://youtu.be/nbEeaV0TgTI?si=CnjJgygJa1jT0bCE

Thank you!

The short answer is Yes, you can do this but more in the simplistic example shown at the start of the video. You can indeed Use a resonant bandpass filter on your sample of noise to focus in on the frequency you’re looking for. But further into the video he’s using a plugin that creates multiple bandpass/notched filters that are spaces by octaves, or rather by multiplying or diving the frequency. If you want to go that route, your best to prepare you samples in a DAW with a plugin that does that, and then import those samples into the Tracker.

Is there a chart somewhere showing how the Tracker’s filter cutoff maps to actual frequencies/notes?

That would be less of a Tracker thing and more universal as to how Freq relate to notes. Here is a really nice chart that maps notes, frequency and MIDI notes :slight_smile:


Nah, I’m talking about mapping Tracker’s cutoff parameter to frequency.
Like, what frequency is 29%?

I sure know there are hundreds frequency-to-note charts on the Internet. But thanks for the link.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I spend so much time on a computer I’m really trying to go DAW-less, but it looks like I’ll need something to pull melody out of field recordings. The gent in the video was using Bitwig, but is that functionality common in most DAWs?

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Nowadays i’d be surprised to find a DAW that doesn’t have an EQ Plugin integrated by default.

In case you’re unfamiliar with KVR, it’s an amazing source for free VST plugins :slight_smile:

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While we are at recommending free things → Surge XT
Allows routing audio in for processing and also has a eq section (and much more)

You could also always take a sample into VCV Rack and process the hell out of it there. Lots of things that can be discovered that way as well.

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