ELI5: External gear sequencing and MIDI (Roland S-1 and Tracker Mini)

Hi all,

I’m trying to sequence a Roland Aira S-1 with the Tracker Mini. I’ve looked up other posts and the user manuals and am still pretty lost.

MIDI and whatnot is kind of like Greek to me and I am kind of lost on how to connect everything, especially since it seems like there is some complication with cables (i.e. I can’t just connect a 3.5 mm jack between the S-1 and the Mini and have it work?).

I’m fairly certain I DO have the i/o and channels set up properly on both devices (both set to one channel, i/o in config has been set, etc…), I put the MIDI instrument 1 in the instrument lane of the tracker…so, not sure what I am not understanding.

Thank you, sorry if this has been done to death.

I did just order a type a to b converter because I did find out that the s-1 is type a…I think that should do it? I dont even know.

Yes, it’s gonna work!

I’m using a Roland J-6 with a midi type A/B crossover cable and it works really well :slight_smile:

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Great, thats good to hear!

You will also need to go into the config menu and set up midi i/o on top of having the right cables (it won’t actually output midi regardless of what’s in the patterns unless you tell it to). Has tripped me up a couple of times.

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