Editor pc for play, play +

Hello, do you think you will one day develop a PC editor for play&play+?
or does anyone know one. THANKS

Hey welcome @modulatorman :partying_face:

I do not speak for Polyend and i can only guess.
But i would say the chances are pretty low that this may happen.

Also, there is no 3rd party tool that could enable this, mostly because not all functionality is exposed via MIDI/Sysex or other sort of control messages. So developing a tool would be kinda pointless at this point.

What exactly are you looking to edit from a PC? Some features are available via MIDI, but that is usually just instrument parameters.

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thank you for your reply

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I wanted to create something for my needs, but, got stuck on the file format for project :confused: . I was able to reverse engineer some parts (incremental changes and diffing between it) but was not able to “decode” for example tempo. so i gave up… :frowning: