Edit mode: shift + jogwheel to select range of steps in pattern

What is the problem?

It is a bit slow to select a big range of steps on a track eg in a 128 step pattern and you want to select a range but not the whole track you have to use shift and arrow up or down

What do you want to achieve?

Be able to modify jogwheel behaviour so when holding shift and in edit mode, jog wheel can be used to select range of steps

Are there any workarounds?

Yes you can use shift + arrow keys to select the range.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Hm… i wonder if there is another way to make this a bit more consistent across the two different Tracker hardware versions.

What about an speed increase when holding down the arrow button? So that it gradually selects steps faster?

Possibly, I think the USP on the og tracker is the jog wheel as it is really quick and efficient/accurate, feels like a ‘natural’ behaviour /control to be able to scroll to select as you can control the speed perfectly, I find myself doing it subconsciously but then it doesn’t work if that makes sense. Feels more awkward to me to use the arrow keys and holding to increase speed of selection would be harder to control o think but that’s my take on it!

I guess what I am getting at is trying to find ways to cut down the number of button presses to achieve a certain action eg navigation around the screen, to speed up and make regular actions easier and quicker. A similar thing I raised was over track selection, the arrow keys are slow having to tab across tracks or tab up and down steps I want to be able to just press a button or turn a wheel and get straight there it’s a small detail on its own but would make editing patterns so much quicker and more fluid for me!

@here sorry to say but this wish conflicts with our current design direction and therefore we have to decline it. Thanks for your contribution to the wishlist!

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