Dub delay (self-oscillating delay)

Dub delay is an effect widely used in Jamaican mixing that was adopted by producers in other music styles all over the world. The idea is to drop sounds into a delay that self-oscillates to create that distinct dub delay effect heard on tracks mixed by Jamaican producers.

What is the problem?

Currently the delay feedback parameter on the Polyend Tracker is limited to max 99. A dub delay requires to go beyond 100 in order for self-oscillation to be an option.

What do you want to achieve?

To ability to adjust/push the Polyend Tracker delay feedback parameter beyond the current max 99, into self oscillation.

Are there any workarounds?

You could use an external hardware/software delay on another unit that allows self-oscillation and sample the effect into the Polyend Tracker. Or use a pre-canned sample that has dub delay already added.

However, this work-around is quite limited and lame in terms of creativity and performance options.

Such a work-around does not allow experimenting with a dub delay in peformance mode on the Polyend Tracker, which would be an awesome feature. Imagine being able to mix dub delays on the Tracker in performance mode. Wicked!


For reference listen to any dub mixes by King Tubby, Mad Professor et al.

Lovers of dub want the Tracker delay to be able to self-oscillate for maximum dubiness. Set the dub delay free, please.

Dub effects (in DAW software) explained


Nicely formulated wish! Thanks :heart:

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@yella Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of performance issues.

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