Dotted Eighth Note Delay Syncing

Hi, there!

I was wondering how one might go about setting the delay sync rate to do dotted eight notes.


I think what you are describing here is how the Delay FX on the Polyend Play works.
This question is specific for the Tracker.

As of right now, on the Tracker i think the easiest way to get the delay timing you want, is to disable sync and just manually dial it in.

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Hey thanks, Sandroid. That’s solid advice.

I found a site that’s helpful for calculating manual delay frequency based upon bpm: Delay Time Calculator | Guitar Nine

Unfortunately, the resolution on the Tracker is somewhat limited and certain values can’t be dialed in.

A potential feature would be to either add dotted eighth notes to the synced rate or increase the resolution on the delay frequency to allow more precise values.

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That sounds like a Draft wishes in the making :wink:


Gotta be honest:
This is a case of user error.
Dotted quarter, eighth, sixteenth, etc are all available out of the box.

Should I simply delete this post?