Do Polyend Tracker OG/Mini support ExFAT formated SD cards?

When looking at the forums/web, I see mention that the SD card for the Tracker has to be formatted in FAT32 so as to work with the Polyend Tracker, no much info about the mini right now as it’s pretty new.

Is it still true with recent firmware of the OG Tracker and with the Tracker mini ? Or can I use ExFAT or other file system types ?

I’m planning to use is a 400GB SanDisk Ultra U1/A1.

As far as i know, they support FAT32.
But i’ve been using 128gb and 256gb cards without issues (on both devices).

If you use Windows, formatting bigger cards to FAT32 can be a bit of a pain.

Here’s a quick guide in case you need it:

  • Format the Card with the default Windows Formatter as exFAT (leave all default settings)
  • Download the GUI version of fat32format here: Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd
    • Click on the Picture to download it
  • Convert/Format the card once more in that utility to FAT32 (leave all default settings)

Thank you for your answer. Let’s go for FAT32 then.

From what I’ve read on the Internet in the meantime, ExFAT is not really more reliable as it still doesn’t support journaling. It’s just it cannot support files larger than 4GB and volumes larger than 2TB. Obviously, neither will be the case here.

I’ve also read that it could have some performance impact as FAT32 updates two partition tables in case one of them is corrupted by a read error, but I believe the A1/U1 speed of the SD I will use should work well, even if the audio is directly streamed from it by the firmware.

Still I’m curious to see if Polyend intends to add support for ExFAT or other (journaled) file systems in the future. ExFAT having been opened by Microsoft and is now without royal-tees.

My source regarding ExFAT/FAT32 differences : Notes on exFAT and Reliability. Is exFAT as fragile as some say? | by Pawit Pornkitprasan | Medium