Distortion on lfo and envelope issue

Bug Description

There is some weird distortion on cutoff, wavetable and panning lfo and envelope. The higher the frequency and depth of modulation, the more clearly distortion is heard.
The volume is average, about -17dB. The problem does not depend on the type of power connection (I tried both powerbank and mains).
Subsequent audio path also has no effect, because the problem appears even with headphones directly connected to the device.
Reset to factory settings, reflashed, nothing helped.

Reproduction Steps

No special steps preceding the problem, it just is.


This problem did not exist before, it appeared recently, and now it is present all the time. Please, help…

Found in

  • Version: (1.6.0)


Since I’m a new user, I can’t attach the file, so I’m attaching a link to the google drive folder with the video files:

Hi @guadonna2196 , thanks for your detailed report. We are sorry you’re experiencing the issues. We are trying to address some of these problems in the upcoming 1.7 update and bring some improvements to the audio path in general. In the meantime, could you please tell us what you mean by “This problem did not exist before” ? In previous version? Thanks and best regards

No, i am on version 1.6.0 since i bought device.
To be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure if this problem has always been there, but in the last few weeks it’s just impossible to work with the device.
When it began, I can not determine exactly, because for some time, about a month, the device was lying in a bag and I did not touch it.
I found one of the pops and clicks threads ( Trying to solve the mystery of clicking/popping on the Tracker - #4 by miropoly ) , the audio files from there are similar to my problem, but in my case they are very clearly audible, right in the shape of the lfo and the envelope.

I mean, the distortions have become very apparent relatively recently, before I either didn’t notice them or they weren’t there.

OK @guadonna2196 , thank you for clarifying. You probably just didn’t notice them before. We will analyze your report further, I will mark it as logged for now. We’ll notify you when the fixes are available. Thanks again!

Okay, thanks

Hi @guadonna2196 , we’re happy to let you know the majority of clicks and distortions of this type should be fixed with 1.7.0 release. But since we have even more recent update available, please try it and let us know if you’re still experiencing any problems of this nature. The main topic for this is here. As I comment there, with 1.7.0 we bring lots of improvements in this direction and we’ll try to improve further in upcoming releases. Thanks for your report and we hope you enjoy the new updates :slight_smile:

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