Directly read SD from Play/Play Plus

Hi there! I’m a brand new Play Plus owner/user and had one quick question/point of curiosity.

Is there a reason the Play Plus can’t act as a card reader when connected to a computer via USB? Clearly it can read and write files to the card, and if the card is formatted FAT32 PC/Mac/Linux should have no problem reading it. It would make adding samples to the card that much easier.

Thanks in advance, and of course my apologies if this has already been addressed - I did search the forum prior to this post, but didn’t see anything.

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Hi @ken.schuller, welcome to Backstage

There is a wish that is currently in review to address this. If it’s accepted by the Polyend team, then you will have the option to vote for it. Hope that helps!

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Thanks Dan! Do you need anything else from me?

Nothing at all. Thanks for expressing what you would find valuable for your experience with the Play+. If everthe wish I linked gets the thumbs up from the Polyend team, I’ll do my best to let you know that it’s open for you to vote on.

All the best Ken!