Different Project Modes: Audio- / MIDI- / Synth-only or Mixed

Some users may prefer to only use MIDI, while others may only want to use Audio or Synths. Currently it is not possible to setup a project as a specific type.

This could be a gateway to a myriad of optimizations regarding workflow and possibly features / abilities and may even allow to allocate system resources more efficiently to optimize/enhance features for each mode.

This wish proposes a way to define a new project as one of the four following types:

  • Mixed (the current default)
  • Audio only
  • MIDI only
  • Synth only

What is the problem?

Different users have different needs on how they want to use the tracker. Right now each project will always have 8 sample tracks and 4-8 MIDI Tracks (depending on device). Under some circumstances, users may not even need the audio engine, if they only want to use MIDI. Others may only want to use samples or synths.

What should this feature achieve?

If users could choose one of the four aformentioned project types, the UI could adapt to those specific needs, allowing for a more intuitive and thoughtful experience. It may even allow to increase capabilities since system resources could possibly be allocated to other things in the project (maybe more tracks for the specified project mode).

As an example - MIDI mode:

  • No need for instrument automation or instrument automation could be used to modulate CC parameters
  • Instrument-List would only show the 16 midi channels, no need to display the sample instrument slots

Are there any workarounds?

No, currently all the features are available on a project.

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Just so i understand the goal here a bit better… :blush:

Are you saying you require more than 16 Tracks of MIDI ?

If more is possible, why not.

What I mean is when you start a new project you get to choose between a mixed (like it is now) or a midi only project. And by midi only I mean that you get 16 (or more if possible) dedicated midi tracks (like the extra 8 on the tracker+)
I think that this would be a nice option for people who would want to use their tracker as a sequencer for midi gear. Selecting the right instrument in a midi channel is a lot quicker, and thus has a positive effect on the workflow.

As someone who primarily uses MIDI, I agree with the request. I don’t need more than 16 tracks of MIDI, but getting the instrument slots out of the way (and maybe a little extra overhead) would be nice.

This is probably implied, but it would be awesome if we could also use more than 3 instances of the new synth engines on the plus with a MIDI/synth type project. I really want to see what can be done with the new engines without having to commit with rendering.

I’ve taken the liberty to update the title and description of the wish, now that it is clear to me where this is headed.

I invite you all, to do a bit of brainstorming for the four proposed project modes and what you think would be cool to see in those modes.

(feel free to update the text anytime :wink: )

@hannibalpeck, i hope my changes reflect your initial intention :blush: .

@Sandroid This is exactly what I ment, only explained much clearer :wink:

To go really old school, what about starting a project with just 4 tracks and having the possibility to add tracks when needed?

@hannibalpeck Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction.

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