Difference between "Slice" and "Beat Slice"?

Hi team, I’m wonder what the material difference is between Slice and Beat Slice in the Sample Playback screen.

They both seem to have the exact same options: Slice, Adjust, Add, Remove, Zoom, Slice Auto, Slice Evenly, and No of Slices.

The only difference I can tell is that, in Pattern mode, you play the different Beat Slices using different notes, and in you play different Slice slices using the Slice effect (then indicate the slice number).

Beat Slice clearly has the advantage here, because it leaves you both effect lanes available.

Is there any reason to ever use normal Slice? Am I completely missing something?

When using Slice, you use the Note Value to choose the pitch of the slice, and slice of a given step is determined by the FX S-Slice Value.

In Beat Slice, the Note Value determines the Slice of a given step, leaving all FX slots to be used at your will.

So in a way they do the same thing in a different way. One has Note as pitch and an FX to choose the slice, the other uses note value to choose the slice. You can use an FX value for pitch, ending up with the same scenario.

I think the one scenario that needs to be taking into consideration is using external MIDI gear where either using pads or a keyboard if you want to change samples or pitch.


Thanks for this, @dan.lgrnd … very helpful.

I obviously don’t pitch samples this way, nor do I use MIDI very often. So it makes sense mostly. Sounds like in my case it’s just if I wanted to pitch something that way, I could.