Delete notes while in live record mode

Ability to remove notes during live recording by holding the Delete key

What is the problem?

Notes played wrong during live recording can’t be reliably removed before the pattern loops/the notes are played back, as you need to exit live record mode to remove them.

What do you want to achieve?

Be able to record live notes, and delete them if incorrect, without stopping live recording mode. In particular the ability to remove long sections from the middle of a pattern, without affecting other notes toward the beginning/end (very slow using shift key)

Are there any workarounds?

Exit live recording mode and delete notes individually. This is slow and fiddly.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

This is possible/easy on cyclone analogic TT-606 - where holding the clear button removes notes as the cursor passes them while the sequence is running.


i’m tagging @purrsoundsystem and @andybard , since you both soooorta want the same thing at the moment. What do you both say - which one of the two wishes is more preferable for you two?

Other wish in question:

I think both are good suggestions , Andy wants to be able to delete notes by using delete key , which would be very useful to quickly remove notes as the pattern is rolling , I want to add the new ones whilst recording , New ones replace the old ones. with both these features you are giving the user a lot more power to edit stuff whilst the rec is armed and the pattern is rolling .

As @purrsoundsystem says, I don’t think it’s a case of which is better - they are essentially saying the same thing which is that live editing of notes should take precedence over those already in the sequencer. Both could be implemented, although if I had to pick one, I would say mine (of course) as deletion could be used prior to replacement… You’d have the pattern playing in live record mode, delete the notes you don’t like, and then record new ones the next time round. Thoughts?

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: