DAW (logic pro) sync issue

Hi all, I hope someone can help me
I have a sync problem with Logic Pro when Loop Cycle is active in DAW.
Pressing play on logic, starts synchronized but when the loop playback again the sync starts to phase out.
Am I wrong something in the settings?
Can anyone give me some tips?

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I personally always use hardware (the play in this case) as master for clock/transport.
This has worked very well for me in the past. You might want to give it a try.

It is possible that restarting the loop could cause a new start/stop message from the DAW to the connected devices, which usually can introduce a delay/latency.

Exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

I found the solution, I’m writing it for anyone who needs it…
On Logic Pro x:
File > Project settings > Synchronisation
Midi tab > Clock mode: Song-SPP at Play Start Only

Polyend play-tracker now it remains synchronized even with the loop cycle active :smiley:


I’m a big Logic Pro and MIDI noob, but I’d love to connect my Polyend Play to Logic and record my stuff there. Would you guys recommend a tutorial, or where to start? Thank you very much.

(I bought this LEKATO MIDI Cable, MIDI to USB C, Type-C MIDI Interface with Input & Output with the expectation it would help, but I honestly don’t know where to start)

One way to start is to go to to the MIDI settings in the Play and do this:

  • Clock in: Internal
  • Transport in: Off
  • Clock out: (choose according to your setup)
  • Transport out: (choose according to your setup)

Then there is a place in your DAW to configure MIDI Sync. There you have to set the DAW’s clock and transport as incoming from MIDI. If you don’t do this then the Play and your DAW will compete for clack and transport data, and chances are that it will be messy.

Ah, here it is:

You can also do the other way around: the DAW has the clock and transport and the Play listens. But usually it is more likely to have the hardware set clock and transport since you have the hardware buttons right there. As you prefer though, there is no right or wrong as long as both device and DAW are set in sync and not competing.

I haven’t used Logic Pro, but does this help?

Hi folks, not really sure if I’m getting the point. I’m not able to sync or connect play with logic pro. So… could anyone here attach some instructions or specific youtube’s tutorial explaining step by step? Thank you! :pray:

@pineal see my post just above. Are you repeating these steps? Where do you get stuck?

Hi @icaria36, thank you for your video. Well, I think your case and mine is pretty different. My problem is that I don’t know exactly how the connections are. Which one need to be with the audio interface, configuration in logic, wires needed, etc. With the guitar is easy but I can’t find any specific tutorial for polyend paly + logic pro or ableton. Maybe @polyendteam can do one :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!

Well, although I think is better use the Export track or chains option in order to import them later in the daw and edit them, I’d like to share the way I used to record the audio from Polyend → Audio Device → Logic Pro.

  1. In Logic Pro: Settings > Audio > Select Audio in and Out your external audio device (out because I have the headphones connected to the audio device, in case you want your PC/MAC speakers, select them as out device)

  2. Connect the headphones out from Polyend play to the Instrument input in your audio device

  3. In Logic, add new audio track. Check in the track settings that you have the correct input selected. In my case input 2

  4. Check also that in Play, you don’t have the tracks muted.

  5. Now if you hit play in the Play, you should see that you are receiving audio, if so, you are ready to record the session. Of course this can be more useful if you recorded your patterns with tracks or just want to play around. Also if you want to record some indivual samples track by track.

I hope you found it useful. Remember that you can Export the tracks in the SD card too.

NEXT: I tried to connect the Microfreak to control it with Play and record it in Logic.