Custom MIDI chords

A way to send custom MIDI chords, using the MIDI chord FX values or a new dedicated effect. Or at least have more types of MIDI chords available.

What is the problem?

MIDI chord FX available predefined values are too few and limiting.

What do you want to achieve?

Send custom MIDI chords from a step of a single track.

If this is not possible then at least have more predefined MIDI chord FX values.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes, using multiple tracks to send each note of the desired chord.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


@silphyd77 Thank you for contributing to the Wishlist. Given that the possibility to crate custom MIDI chords and the availability of more MIDI chords are different features, I have made clear what seemed to be you intent: ask first for custom chords, and if this not possible have at least more in the list of pre-programmed chords. Let’s see what the Polyend team thinks.

Just curious, could you (and anyone else) provide examples of specific chords you are missing?

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Hey, thanks for your reply. This is kind of hard for me because I don’t know the chords types and names very well! I usually find them on a keyboard by putting my fingers here and there untill it sounds the way I want (I know I should learn that…). What I know is that I couldn’t find a matching chord FX value for at least 2 or 3 very simple triad chords I needed. I’ll try to decrypt them and find their names if that can help !


@here thanks for the wish! It’s open for voting now… :slight_smile:


Maybe custom chords and/or scales could be contained and red from textfile?
First element of row would be the name of chord that can be selected from chord fx menu, and other elements are midi note values (could be A B C also), like this:

Ryu 40 44 45 47;
Dim3 40 42 45;
Dim4 40 42 43 45;

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This would be awesome! Maybe it’s already more or less the same method used behind the curtain? Maybe it could be extended to other cool customization options ?

I know this wish is super old now but I wanted to point out that custom chords would make it easier to sequence inversions. Currently I don’t believe there’s a way to invert a chord with the midi chord function.


Not ideal but i’m using the chord jam vst and just sending a single note from polyend. Gets around it for me.