Correction curves for the Main Output

Getting reference quality sound, with any decent pair of headphones.

What is the problem?

Knowing if something sounds good or not, when using headphones.
Most headphones are far from neutral sounding. So knowing if something sound good or not, becomes somewhat of an artform. It takes a long time to “learn” headphones that are not neutral sounding.
A fitting headphone correction curve makes any headphone sound more neutral.

What do you want to achieve?

Ability to use a 10 band parametric eq for the audio output of the device.

Are there any workarounds?

I listen back through my DAW, that has a 10 band parametric eq on its headphone outputs.
But, I would love to be mobile.

Any links to related discussions?

Some of the science behind this stuff.

Any references to other products?

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hey @juurmom i’ve updated your post with the wish template and moved it to the appropriate category.

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Here’s an other great reason why you would want a 10, or preferably more in this case, parametric eq bands.

Scale equalising.

Simply put, you eq out all the notes not in the scale of your tune.
This makes a massive difference in sound quality and you could link this to the scale’s available on your instruments.

Hi @juurmom , thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, due to performance and technical limits we have to reject it. Best regards

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