Controlling Tracker+ or Mini new synth engines with external controller


I am having hard times finding any information on topic of controlling new synth engines on Tracker+ with external controller. Can you map CC for synth params via midi learn or just via CCs? As far as I understand this is impossible on Play+.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Do you have an OG tracker?

Hi, no, I am trying to figure out whether to by Tacker+ or mini

So the tracker plus and mini both have the ability to be Sequenced is a midi instrument from external gear, and you can custom map CCs in the midi instrument configuration.

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Can you please point to the manual page or youtube video about this?

I think you can only control the currently selected instrument via external MIDI controller. You could not sequence all three synths at once, for instance. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s a video showing using the Tracker w/ and external controller :slight_smile:
EDIT; it’s an older video with the OG Tracker so it doesn’t show the new synths.

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Yea, I’m not finding the MIDI CCs documented for ACD, FAT, VAP, WTFM, nor PERC anywhere in the plus or mini manuals either. I think we need to be careful and call out carefully that while the OG sample-based instruments do have clear documentation on their parameter maps (even having a dedicated document integrated in the tracker itself), the new synths don’t appear to. It looks like something that hasn’t been implemented yet, but I would be happy to hear that I’m wrong about this.

Specifically in terms of use case I would like to use the tracker mini as a portable synth module for an external keyboard. It works somewhat for this purpose, but doesn’t appear to respond to MIDI CCs for the 5 new synth modules as far as I can tell.