Controller mapping in Ableton Live with no note

I want to control VST/ Abletton Devices in Ableton via controller knobs of Play’s MIDI side like a midi controller while not using the sequencer (so no note input).

While I receive notes in Ableton and can send them to the operator I only receive controller data as seen in the midi monitor but I cannot get controller data to the operator (in that case) to map it to i.e. “Coarse”.

Am I doing it wrong?
Is it a bug?
Is it a future feature?

Is there maybe a workflow sufficient for a MIDI noob? I did not find anything, thanks and best.

@g.grunert in Settings > MIDI, have you set “CC Mapping” correctly?

If you have, and if your DAW is recognizing the Play+, it should be as simple as using MIDI learn in your DAW and turning a Play+ knob.

(I don’t use Ableton but this feature is pretty common across DAWs.)

I expected that, too. I set it to the proper USB channel. Live receives something via MIDI monitor but the MIDI learn thing for the instrument did not work. I was wondering if there are specific “controller” types that I am not aware of…

Okay, I proceeded testing: All CC values nailed in the play sequencer go to Live properly. But it is not feasible to use the controller and map them to a VST or a Live stock plugin. Any way to do this and to use the play as a controller?

Aaaand, I send via USB. Does USB MIDI work?