Control via MIDI (Test with Adafruit MacroPad RP2040 MIDI)

I built up a micro controller which can be used as a MIDI controller, following the instructions below. An the outcome is what is going on with the Track Mini USB MIDI…

I was able to get the device to boot up and control my computer and spit out midi notes.

Then I plugged it into the Tracker Mini and it didn’t even boot up. so I tried it again on the computer no problem. After trying and not getting any results with the Tracker Mini, I plugged it in to my OP-1 and it worked just like on the computer.

So end result is either I don’t know how to set the Tracker mini into USB Host, or it doesn’t work that way. This means the only way to use external midi controller is with a host device/computer between the 2 or via the MIDI2.0 TRS lines.

Should USB Host be on the wishlist?


I think the main issue is probably that the Mini is a bit of a vampire and unwilling to share any power. So the reason its not working is most likely that the controller doesn’t get powered at all.

I am not going to argue what I don’t know, but host is not related to power from what I can tell.

Technical people can better answer, host is a state which act on a receive handshake.

When I connect the adafruit device to my computer is will stick and block until i except comms from that usb device…

I am not a software/hardware mage so most of this is a guess.

Between all polyend devices, teenage engineering device and the Ox instruments. I realize there is a path to success, but it is not probably easy. While this work and dont work with in this group of devices i have, none have the perfect answer nor an straightforward way of working.

Kinda like there is a problem but I don’t know…

This thread was added to my threads….

Might help!