Confusion about Midi out 1.4 - Beat Custom Notes + Random+

Hey guys I want to move on to my next video on 1.4 but trying to understand 2 things:

  1. Beat custom notes in settings. I can select notes but it’s only within 1 octave, or I can choose “Template” can someone explain that? Or explain why I can’t just pick any note from the menu?

  2. Random+ seems to fill with the beat midi channel, is that correct? Is random+ only for beats then?


re: 2 - Random + – Adds randomized notes.

This is from the manual which was just updated on their website.

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Well interesting that it defaults to the beat midi channel. Wish it would be consistent and use what channel I have selected…

Random + is really powerful for creating quick generative stuff if you use the scale filters. It will use the current MIDI channel on the “work step” to populate the grid, as with other parameters. So whatever channel you have selected when you press fill will be what populates on the grid, same with things like chance parameters.

The fill notes will be within +/- 1 Octave of your currently selected step. So if you want low notes to populate the grid make sure to select a lower note before pressing fill.

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Hmmm interesting, thank you for this - when I was using it in the studio I could swear it just kept reverting to channel 10 which I had set up in the options for beats. I really want to use this function and use it on the next tutorial video so I will try again, and report back if I am having the same issue! Thank you so much for the info!!!