Complete data loss in project

Hello and good day. Bit of a heartbreaking situation. Was working on a project with play and my razzmatazz. It was basically all midi. Very few samples used I was deep into I had I’d say around a 60 pattern chain and was getting ready to wrap up the project. About a week ago I open it and after the excruciating wait time, about 10 minutes, (this was normal to this project) to my dismay the pattern grid was completely blank the samples I used were still loaded but everything else was gone. What happened? I never removed the sd card I am at a complete loss. I have other projects that are nearly as big with no problems they are sample based and midi but heavier use of sample. Has this happened to any one else?
I feel like the data must still be there because why would it take so long to load if there really is nothing there?
Is the data recoverable? And how do I know if it will happen again? Any ideas on how to prevent this?

This might sound obvious but, no matter what, the first thing I would do is to copy the SD card content to yiur computer.

Then, do you want to share the project to see if others can reproduce the problem? You can post a zip file here. If you prefer to send it privately, I’m happy to try opening it.

yea, i suppose that goes without saying as far as the backup to PC goes. why i didnt think of that, who knows. i guess i kind of loath the idea of having to remove the sd card after every session but i guess thats just a drawback of making a dawless setup. and yes i will upload the project. i noticed that at least i was correct about the data still being there, so i wonder then if its a bug or maybe damage to sd card? you tell me. thanks in advance for the assistance.

it appears i am having difficulty uploading. i select the upload button at the top of this box. i want to select the folder but it looks like it’s looking for a specific type of file

thought maybe it needed to be zipped. no dice

@zackkyp I just sent you a PM.