Clocking the Tracker from an Elektron Octatrack via MIDI


I’m trying to drive my Tracker from my Octatrack (OT) via MIDI, so that when I start the OT, the Tracker starts

I am looking at clocking only, not sending notes from the OT

On the OT side I have enabled Transport Send and Clock Send in MIDI settings

On the Tracker side I have gone into File → Config → MIDI Settings and changed both Transport In and Clock In to MIDI In Jack

I’ve checked the devices are connected via cable, OT MIDI out to Tracker MIDI in

But starting the OT fails to start the Tracker :frowning:

Any ideas what I might be missing?

I am using latest firmware on both sides - 1.8 for the Tracker and 1.4 for the OT

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Are you using the Polyend provided DIN to TRS-B Adapter?
Settings-wise your Configuration sounds correct to me.

Yes - a standard 5 DIN MIDI cable from OT MIDI out into Tracker MIDI in via the adapter provided with Polyend

Do you per chance have another one of those laying around?
Just in case the provided adapter is faulty.

If not, make sure to contact customer support directly.

It’s a faulty adapter supplied by Polyend. I tried one from the Play, and it worked fine. I will contact support. Thank you.


Happy to help and happy you got it working. :partying_face: