Clock in fails with Midi In USB Notes In Fails with USB In

Bug Description.

When trying to use Live to sync the PP the Play does not recognize the clock in, nor any notes played using the external instrument midi channel with the Play set for Midi in USB.

The device does work if I route midi thru my Motu M4 which has a midi 5 pin I/O when I revert the device settings back to jack inputs.

Occurrence. Always

*bug is reproducible . Always.

  • Version: 1.00
  • Build: 1354

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Hello @tallguyclark, I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues with your Play+. I replicated your settings in my Play+, and I have clock sync and transport. My settings in Live are below.

Could you give that a try and let me know if this works out for you ? :slight_smile:

That is the exact configuration I have been using. If I can control Live with play as master then I would think the only difference should be to uncheck The EXT box in Live and to set the Clock in on Play to Midi In USB…correct?

According to the manual, a setting change in the Play+ is also needed.

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I have the same problem. Play+ will not respond to Clock In: MIDI In USB and Transport In: MIDI In USB when using USB audio. When Live starts playing, the Play+ doesn’t do anything. It does respond to MIDI In Jack if I wire everything up with a DIN cable. If not using USB audio, Clock In: MIDI In USB and Transport In: MIDI In USB works as expected.
This is with firmware 1.0.1b and 1.0.0.
Mac Studio M1 Ultra, Sonoma 14.2, Ableton Live 11.3.13

Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 01.19.05

@tallguyclark and @alex.kourelis Thank you both for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready

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Hi, is there going to be a fix for this Midi clock issue, and if so, do you know when? I can’t get the Play+ to respond to Midi Clock over USB. I just got it and need to return it within the return period if a fix isn’t coming. I have to have this sync’d to my DAW and setup for it to be of any use. Thanks.