Clarification on exactly how Random values work

I was hoping someone could clarify exactly how Randomiser percentages work.

For example, if I have a midi hit at velocity 50, and I put a random control on that of 50%, how is that then affecting the velocity?

Is it that the control range will now be from 25-75%, such that it is +/- 50%?

Or is it simply 25-50% because the random function would never choose value greater than the default?

Just keen to understand because on things like velocities, or filter cutoffs, it’s great to know roughly what range is being applied when you randomise a value. Thanks!


The randomized values are added to what’s already in the step. The randomized values are within a range, and the % in random control specifies how much of the range should be applied. The ranges are different for each randomization preset, to give somehow usable values.


Many thanks!