Change Tick Speed / Timebase per Pattern

What is the problem?

Music often changes timebase from section to section but the Tracker’s timebase / tick speed is set globally.

What do you want to achieve?

Half time vs double time is the most obvious effect, but it can also be interesting to change time signatures between patterns.

Are there any workarounds?

You can halftime your pattern with the “Extend Pattern” command but it doesn’t seem to work the other way. Changing time signatures can be done simply by changing how the ticks are counted but it is not ideal. Changing the line speed, time base, etc on a per pattern basis would be brilliant.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

CIRKLON! It’s a huge part of my Cirklon compositions.

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This seems like something that could be accomplished by editing pattern length or using the tempo fx?

Are you proposing an alternate way to accomplish this? My apologies if I’m misunderstanding.

@tonehauserband is right. That’s what the Tempo FX is for.

Let us know if that solves your need and if so, i’ll close this request. :smiling_face:

Yes. This is different than changing the tempo.

It would be like changing the way the grid is counted and displayed.

An example use case would be:

Let’s say a user wants to move from a 4/4 time signature with 16th note steps to a 4/4 time signature with 20th note steps. I often compose using 20th note steps (5 per beat) or 28th note steps (7 per beat). This use case is not that unusual, but a simple tempo change will not change the line speed of the steps, and then the lines every 4 steps will become extremely confusing when you are trying to edit your new 20th note pattern with 5 steps per line.

Another example would be this:

Let’s say a user wants to double time an existing pattern without making the pattern’s steps half as long. There is no option for this.

Given the prevalence of drum and bass, jungle, breakcore etc these half time vs. double time changes between patterns are something users will likely want to employ in their compositions.

My Cirklon allows me to do these sorts of edits and even has aux events which can change the timebase of a pattern dynamically, which sounds EXTREMELY cool.

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While i agree with you that it DOES sound like a cool feature, i think that this would deviate from the Tracker spirit quite heavily.

We didn’t have that feature on Protracker on the Amiga back in the days either and Drum’n’Bass’ed just fine :laughing:

That being said (and me showing my age and that i am old man yelling at clouds :joy: )…

can you update the description of your wish to reflect this info, so it is clearer what you meant? That’d be super helpful :heart: .

And then let’s see what Polyend has to say :muscle:

I’m not sure I understand either…

well… simply divide the pattern by 2 and duplicate it, no?
to obtain a pattern twice as fast, but with the same number of steps.

about time divisions within a bar
Trackers have the advantage of offering all the possibilities
you can have 5 beats per bar, 7 beats etc.

but what you CAN’T have (at the moment):

  • individual tempo per track
  • different lengths per track (polymetrics)

is that what you mean? :thinking:

If this is what you’re talking about, I couldn’t agree more.
it would be wonderful to have such advanced possibilities in the Tracker
but since your description mentions “per pattern” (and not “per track”), I’m not sure I’ve understood correctly.

Yeah I’m talking about changing the timebase of one pattern vs another.

Timebase = how BPM relates to step speed

Eg. 16th note timebase = 16 steps per bar, 4 steps per beat.


32nd note timebase, = 32 steps per bar, 8 steps per beat.


20th note timebase = 20 steps per bar, 5 steps per beat.


28th note timebase = 28 steps per bar, 7 steps per beat.

Timebase is KINDA like time signature, but not really… it is its own thing: timebase!

PS: I am also VERY FIRMLY in the “different channels having different step speeds” camp. SO AWESOME! And the Play already has it so…

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Another vote here for tick speed option per pattern. Or a tempo multiplier like on the Elektron sequencers (x 2, x1, x0,5) per pattern.
As it is now, you have to double the tempo, to increase the grid resolution to 32nd notes, (which I often do for live note recordings).

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@thephatconductor Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction :slight_smile:

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