CC messages to hydrasynth

Hi everyone. Need some advice here.

I’m trying send midi cc messages from my polyend play+ to my hydrasynth. They are connected via midi jack from the play+ to midi in of the hydrasynth. The midi channel is set up correctly.

The notes are playing. But the cc messages are not.

I’m trying to change the filter 1 cutoff (74).

I’ve tried to use the same midi cable on a volca bass to see if something is wrong with the play it worked.

Is there some chart available that shows what # the hydrasynth uses for filter cutoff, it may be a number other than 74, so that may need to be changed? And/or there may be settings related to midi CC that you also have to adjust on the hydrasynth possibly that hopefully they have documented in some manual.

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It looks like full MIDI CC was implemented in the 1.5 update for the Hydrasynth. There’s also a page to turn on/off CC Receive.
Hopefully this video will help;

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Thanks! It did help. I just had to activate Param RX on the Hydrasynth.

Thanks for the support. The Midi Number was correct.