CC message transmissions on muted channels to external synth have to stop

Bug Description

Midi CC parameters are still transmitted to external synths on muted midi tracks.

Expected behavior: when I mute a midi track that is configured to send signals to an external synth, I expect that the CC value changes recorded on that track are not transmitted to that synth

Reproduction Steps

  1. Connect an external synth to midi out of the play+
  2. Set up a midi track to transmit notes data to the synth
  3. Set up another track for the same synth with using no note on each step
  4. Live record a CC parameter change that would correspond to one of the parameters of the external synth on the track with no notes
  5. Mute and unmute the track with no notes and the recorded CC changes



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Hi @sheynkler87 , this is actually desired behavior: we wanted parameters of the synth to be updated even when a track is muted, so that when you unmute it, it sounds the same as if it was not muted earlier. I will close this “by design” and please consider opening a Wishlist if you’d like to see this changed. Thanks for your support!

Hi @miropoly,
Okay, good to know.
From my point of view - changing the parameters is okay. It’s just not okay to transfer the changes to an external synth from a muted track in my opinion.

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