Can't Sync w/ KeyStep Pro (or other external arps) Any Ideas?

Hello! I’m getting familiar w/ my Play and I’m really liking it so far. I’ve only run into one issue and it is annoying me to no end.

I want to be able to run clock and transport from the Play but use an external controller to play arpeggios since the play really doesn’t have an arp function. I currently have an Arturia KeyStep Pro running clock and transport and the Play will lock into the clock just fine.

KSP (out) >> (in) Play >> External Synths

and that works. But I have to hit play on the KSP and control tempo from there. Not ideal.

but every time I try to use the KSP two outs (i can change one of the 2 MIDI outs to through) and do routing where the Play hooks to the KSPs MIDI in and then I use its out to go wherever I just get chaos and notes all over the place.

Like… how do I make sure an external controller stays in sync with the Play and the Play runs the transport and clock? Or do I have to just accept that I need to run that from a controller? Or do I need a USB host? I have an MPC one that could probably serve as a host?

Hi, can you share your current MIDI settings on the Play and the KeyStep, please? With this information it will be easier to help you.

Without more information, I’d say maybe both the Play and the KeyStep are running clock and/or transport and this is why it gets messy? What you want is that only Play runs clock and transport, and the KeyStep just listens. Receiving the MIDI notes from the KeyStep to the Play shouldn’t be a problem.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then…

… we would need a more precise description of what happens. :slight_smile: