Can't change pattern

Bug Description

The pattern/variations won’t change, stuck on the same pattern/variation when I try to switch pattern/variation. The rest of the sequencer works as expected (can go in menus, change parameters, go in performance mode…)

Reproduction Steps

  1. jam
  2. pattern gets stuck
  3. need to reboot the machine or save the project to get back the ability of switching patterns.


Happened twice so far.

Found in

main screen

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build:1297

Hi @quentin.parret, Thank you for reporting this issue. Could you link the original project? It would help us a lot to reproduce this bug.
Also, Is it possible that the Track Speed on any track on the Pattern that was stuck, was set to Pause?
Additionally, please check if the Track Length on any track, on the same Pattern wasn’t set to 1.