Cannot find sample folder that exist during beat fill

Bug Description

Beat fill says it cannot find a folder that exists.

Reproduction Steps

  1. On an empty project load a sample pack.
  2. Do a delete unused samples. (It didn’t delete ALL the samples).
  3. Load another pack.
  4. Do a beat fill with three tracks.


Happened one time. Tested it and happened again.

Found in

First version of play plus.

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Hey tprotopgr. Don’t have my Play in front of me so I can’t test this out. Could you confirm that the sample pack you are loading in step 3 has the folder structure of “Kick”, “Snare” and “Hi-Hat” that the Play relies on for the Beat Fill to operate?

I used only the default ones, my sd card is fresh from polyend. The folders where there.

@tprotopgr Thank you for reporting this, I was able to reproduce the issue by following your steps. This happens when you mix sample packs that have differently named folders, for example, Kicks and Kick. If the empty folder is named Kicks and the filled folder is named Kick, the Fill function will not work as expected.

Found a quick workaround for this, you can use the auto rename for the empty folders, Fill will work again as expected.

The second workaround would be renaming all folders on the SD card named Kicks, Snares, etc. to Kick, Snare. That way you won’t end up with an empty folder.

Please let me know if the above solutions work for you. :slight_smile:

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A little additional workaround: you can use Shift+Fill = Delete to remove an empty folder :sunglasses:


@tprotopgr Did the solutions work for you, or do you need more assistance?

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oh nice :slightly_smiling_face:

sorted, cheers :clinking_glasses: