Can you bypass Poly 2 Quantization? (or import custom scales?)

Hello all! I’ve been looking for a way to bypass the quantization on the poly 2 and I haven’t one…
I have custom scales via Oddsound MTS ESP and I have to re quantize them with Ornament and Crime after the Poly 2…
Have I missed something?
Thank you all if you have answers =)

I’m guessing you mean circumvent scales all together so you can use microtonal scales?

That doesn’t seem to be possible as the only thing you can really do is set it to use the Chromatic scale at best, which - as you say - is still a quantization.

Maybe something can be done by converting your data to CC values and sending it to the Custom CV outputs. But that’s just a wild stab/dirty hack possibly.

If you are not trying to go microtonal, setting the Poly 2 Scale to Chromatic should be enough.

Thanks =) But yeah I use MTS ESP to go microtonal =)
I’ll try the CC value hack but I think I’ll have to let go the module at some point.

Thanks again ^^

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I’m giving this a try, might give the Poly 2 a second lease on life

Wow =) Yes, that would be awesome =)
Thanks a lot, Sandroid ^^
I’m quite sad 'cause the module is awesome but too limited in a way