Cable advice connected minijack devices with different types of MIDI

Hello -

I have a simple question.
What cable should I purchase to connect the Polyend Play directly to the Roland S-1 via MIDI?
They both have the minijack connector, but my understanding is they are different ‘types’ (A and B?) so I’m not sure a single chord solution would work in the instance?

If anyone can help clear this up for me, I’d appreciate that. Thanks!


Hello @choogaface,

I have all the roland aria compact devices.
Used the below cable to get it working. Have to say, i only tested the J-6. Should be same for S-1. Also only tested with the tracker mini.

Thanks for the info KrisG

I haven’t been able to find that exact cable, do you have a link?

Here is the link,

I think they ship also outside the Netherlands if im not mistaken.

You could also use something like this to keep it slim. Ordered but haven’t tested.

Also I like this solution if you need 5-pin connections -

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