Buy original Nintendo ROMs for my Tracker Mini

Hello, is any way to download/buy the original ROMs of NES?

I’ve found a lot of sites to download it but seems not to be very legal…

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No there is not. As Nintendo strictly forbids it. Even just backing up your own cartridges is a grey area.
Also Nintendo is famous for sending hounds of lawyers towards anything that they don’t like. Emulators themselfs are luckely excluded (but not always - it’s complicated), but anything beyond that is considered a no-no.

So essentially there are two options. Either buy cartridges and back them up yourselfs to ROM Files.
Or sailing the high waters :pirate_flag:. :laughing:

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Or just stick with homebrew roms that you can own legally from sites like this: Top games tagged NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) -

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Thank you for your responses!!!

Nintendo are heading for a big fall, they had to give up on iOS now that emulators are normalised on that platform, and the Mig is 100% legal in the vast portion of the countries in the world.
Don’t get me wrong, I just buy my Switch games when they are on offer at their Eshop, so I’m complicit in some ways hahaha, but Nintendo are a big bag of ***** that try to treat the gaming world as their own little bubble outside the law.

I agree, over the years Nintendo had to luckely take some blows finally… and yeh… Nintendo’s pricing strategy is questionable at best. But i guess that’s what you get when you have some of the worlds most popular gaming IPs under your full control. :person_shrugging:

I personally only buy their own Switch games when they are on sale (or from a site like G2A). Indie games on the other hand i will buy whenever. As much as i’d love to hate on Nintendo, i really do enjoy the Switch :blush:.

Anyway just as a friendly reminder:

We will remove copyrighted ROMs or links to copyrighted ROMs from this forum as we don’t want Nintendo to send their hounds / lawyers this way :dog2:.

I’m sure that’s a headache we all rather not have :laughing:.
Besides - it’s suuuper easy to find them with a quick google anyway :rofl:

Nintendo are actually really dumbass to be fair, I bought the yearly pass and rarely play any of those games other than a few N64 bits, but if they just stopped being dumbass and allowed any emulator to use those ROMs, they would sell so many more yearly passes.
It is a classic case of cut off your nose to spite your face.

Now that Apple have fallen in line with the law and allowed emulators on the store, a lot of the other stores are going to have to follow through, Xbox, PS and dare I say it Nintendo Eshop.

But yeah, don’t even talk about ROMs, never mind posting links, lets not forget that Nintendo actually took down an open source emulator (Yuzu) for $2.4 million, simply because they had some instructions about encryption!