Blue key always on in bottom row of Polyend Play+

I just received my upgrade from Original Play to Play+ and turned it on as a lower pad flashed blue randomly and then would stay on solid.

Performed most recent firmware update and the key still remains lit in blue no matter what I do… Cannot seem to find anyone else having this issue…

The Play+ has been out of the box for maybe an hour and was purchased directly from Polyend…

otherwise everything seems to functioning perfectly so far…
I have contacted support but was hoping it was just some sort of minor issue that can be resolved somehow…

yeah that doesn’t look right at all. :people_hugging:
But good thing you contacted Support. They’ll help ya out i’m sure :heart:

@iamyorkimagery Hi!
I am sorry you are experiencing issues with the Play+.
Unfortunately, your unit needs to be exchanged.
We will contact you through the Support ticket shortly and arrange all the details. :slight_smile:

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