Beat slice sample sequences never play exactly the same way, slightly off at different spots while looping

Bug Description

I have a beat sliced drumbreak playing in a 64-step sequence. Expected behaviour is that the programmed slices should sound the same with each loop, but it does not.

Reproduction Steps

  1. program a pattern with a beat-sliced sample, in my case I used a drum break
  2. play the loop and listen how it doesn’t sound the same each time, there are pieces of slices creeping into other slices… almost like the internal clock is drifting.


I can play a beat sliced loop and it happens every time. I have linked a project file, just play any of the patterns in a loop and you’ll hear different creeping slices each loop.

Found in

version 1.7.1 build 561


project file, also a rendered wave file with different creeping slices at various points.

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Hi @arcologies , thanks for detailed report and sorry you’re experiencing issues. I ran your project on same version and played Pattern 08, with only Track 1 (Soloed) and recorded about 10 consecutive loops of that pattern into Ableton. The loops are identical for me:

Maybe you’re using a specific config setting or running / doing anything else in parallel to playing this project? Can you still reproduce the issue? Are you maybe sending any MIDI Sync in or out of your Tracker? Are you only playing or maybe playing with Rec on? I’m not sure what else could affect this. Please let us know more details. Thanks!

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Thanks for testing it out, I just saw this response! I’ll check out my settings and post a follow-up. I most certainly had REC enabled, but I typically disable all midi output when I’m just using the tracker.

@arcologies Any updates on this topic? I will move it to archive for now, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if it appears again! We’d love to be able to know what’s going on and fix it. Thanks for your support!