Battery indicator πŸ”‹

Hello there, quick question:

How should a fully charged battery indicator look like on the Tracker Mini?

For me it looks like it is already missing about five to ten percentage points when it stops charging. Can’t say it is a bug, but a little confusing. :face_with_monocle:

Thanks :blush:

Yeah that is what it should look like. If it is plugged in and fully charged the lighting bolt will go off. We debated if we should keep the bolt on or off to signal it is fully charged. I think I like the bolt off because it is hard to tell if 100% if not.

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Hi Mitch :wave:

Is it ok to keep using the Tracker Mini plugged in while fully charged?
Will it damage the battery?


You can use it plugged in while fully charged with no degradation of the battery life. We are really happy how reliable these batteries have been so far!


Thanks again!
I also like the fact that it’s Nintendo Switch battery and it’s replaceable.
Great choice