Automate and direct change of delay and reverb parameter

Direct Control of Reverb and Delay

What is the problem?

its not possible to change (or automate) the delay and reverb parameter in an easy way

What do you want to achieve?

to change (or automate ) the delay and reverb settings without going into the submenus . maybe not all parameter are necessary for live play . dont know how to implement this feature but for automation issues it could be done as a synth plugin :slight_smile: there are some knobs for changing and automate parameters :slight_smile:
so the user can chose if its needed for his project to sacrifice one of his synth slots for better fx modulation possibilities …

Are there any workarounds?

the user has to go to the fx section and then select custom for rev and delay and then go to custom menu then reverb or delay to change the parameter

Any links to related discussions?

i read similar wish in the tracker section

Any references to other products?

not direct but most grooveboxes have the ability to easy change delay and/or reverb ( and some even automate parameters)


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Wow! It wil be amazing. The creative possibilities are impressive. O think it could be done easeily with the knobs. Great whish!!!