Audible clicks when filter FX change values if set to Disabled in Instrument Parameters

Bug Description

The instrument on track 5 starts the click when the High Pass filter opens. The effect begins on row 20 and the clicking can be heard starting around row 23

Reproduction Steps

  1. Place instrument 02 on a step
  2. Select a minimum of 16 rows, and hit Fill
  3. Select the High Pass Filter effect, on every step, to set a From-To value from 86 to 0
  4. Press play to review the filter clicks


*bug is reproducible always
Tested using the same steps above extending to 80 pattern rows as well

Found in

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


hi pass (955.0 KB)

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Hi @harryhood , thanks for your detailed bug report and sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues.

In this case, what helps getting rid of the clicks is setting same filter in Instrument Parameters 1/2 Filter Type setting (in your case High-pass) as used in pattern FX1 or FX2. In your example you have Filter Type = Disabled in Instrument Parameters and it’s probably causing the clicks.

Please let us know if you’re happy with this solution. Thanks again for your support.

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Thanks that seemed to do the trick! Appreciate the information that all makes sense. Interesting though I noticed that using the Low-pass FX on a track with Filter Disabled did not encounter any noticeable clicking, in case that makes any difference.

Going into new projects, is it best practice to only use one filter type per each sound I’ve loaded in, and set it as such in the Instrument Parameters? Thanks again for your help!

Hi @harryhood , thanks for you message.

Yes, that is good practice. Switching filter types in a song shouldn’t be a problem, but switching them constantly / “per step” might make the clicks more obvious. We will ofc try to fix this bug also. Thanks for pointing it out!

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