Are Tracker & mini's reverb & master distortion identical?

are the master distortion & reverb models the same on the tracker & mini? or are the mini’s better quality?

As of yet they are the same i’d say.

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thanks @Sandroid.

and are the play ones the same as trackers?

I ask cause I really like the play distortion & reverb models. thinking about adding a tracker to the family :sunglasses:

I think so yes. As far as i know all devices use the same code for the Reverb/Delay. Based on the code written by Emilie Gillet (of Mutable Instrument Fame).

They may or may not be 100% the same, depending if there were any tweaks necessary depending on hardware.

But essentially the only real difference should be that on the Tracker you don’t have the convenience of presets like on the Play, for Reverb and Delay. So you’ll have to dial it in yourself.

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cool, thanks :slight_smile: