Anyone using a play with a play+?

Tried to find some info on this, but couldn’t find anything really. Anyone using two plays? (Or heard of anyone doing it?) The og and the plus together?

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Hello, this is an interesting inpuy. I have both and could try something. Do you need any specific test (if you don’t have them both).

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Nah no specific test. I wanna upgrade, but honestly don’t wanna deal with sending the og back, so I was just wondering about just having two and if anyone was using it that way. I’ve seen videos of two trackers or the play and a tracker, but two plays I haven’t seen.

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Hey @dan-0012 welcome to Backstage. Great to have you with us!

I’ve been using the OG with the Play+ for awhile now. Works like a charm. 16 Sample-based tracks. I usually let the OG take care of the MIDI side and dedicate the Plus to the Synths.

Lot’s of fun to be had together!


That’s awesome to hear @dan.lgrnd. I was thinking of a similar “division of labor” for the two. So I’m assuming the sync is standard stuff. One of them becomes the master clock and handles transport functions and the other one follows along?

Thanks for the response!