An action chance that is the opposite of Group With Last

The Group With Last chance performs an action on the step whenever the previous step was also played i.e. if A (with chance conditions set on it) was played then B (with Group With Last on it) also would be played.

Would be great if there was also a chance setting that would be the exact opposite of that, i.e. if A was played, then B is not played, and, conversely, if A was not played, B is played.

What is the problem?

Missing functionality to build more complex probabilistic sequences.

What do you want to achieve?

With Group With Last it’s very easy to build random ‘fills’, i.e. series of notes that are played together sequentially.

Sometimes the user may want a pattern to sound different each iteration, but with a constant ‘density’, i.e. the number of steps being played. As either of A or B always to be played, the chance chain A->B has constant ‘density’ of 1, not 2 or 0 as with Group With Last.

Imagine if a user program steps chance chains like A->B, C->D, E->F, G->H,
so the pattern can go like: ADFH, BCFG, ACFH and so on, that is 16 variations in total, but always exactly four steps to be played.

As chance for the first step can be set as percentage probability, we can have one step of the chain as ‘more preferred’ than the other. Also, one could build patterns with alternating fills.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

In Bitwig Studio this kind of operator is called ‘Without previous’ (while Group With Last is called ‘With previous’).


Dear fellow PP users, please let me know whether I’m the only one who wants this? Still no replies here, perhaps the wish was written so poorly that no one understands it? I don’t know what to think really.


I love the idea!

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Great idea and perfectly clear!

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Nice idea!

Please put this kind of logic in the Trackers’ stepfx.

I really like this idea as well. I used to have a Model:Samples and it had this exact function.

Apologies if this is not the right place to mention it, but it had another action condition called “1ST” that I found very useful for easing the transition between two patterns, and I think it would make for a great addition to the Play:

1ST is true the first time the pattern plays (when looped).
[negative]-1ST is true when 1ST is false. A trig with this trig condition is always active apart from the first time the pattern plays (when looped)

Yes would love these options

@here Thanks for your contribution, the wish is now ready for voting! :slight_smile: