Allow midi parameter knobs to be dialed back to "~"

Parameter knobs currently start with no value information being sent, as denoted by the “~” symbol. This allows the cc value for the specified parameter to be defined by the midi instrument.

Upon turning the knob, the value ranges from 0 to 127. However, the knob cannot return to the state of sending no information. From this point on, the cc value controlled by this knob is reset to the setting defined by the knob and not by the midi instrument.
This is particularly a problem for midi instruments without screens. Changes to cc values cannot be correlated between machines.

The only solution is to delete the notes containing cc information, then copy notes from another track, and then manually re-input the desired settings (including midi channel, note, note length, etc, in addition to particular midi cc values).

Allowing the assignable midi knobs to return to a state of sending no information as denoted by “~” would solve this.

What is the problem?

Once adjusted, midi assignable knobs cannot return to their default state of sending no information, signified by the “~” symbol.

This means from the moment of adjustment, Play becomes the default controller for the specified parameter. The destination midi instrument can no longer set the parameter value, because it resets to the value defined by Play whenever Play’s sequencer lands on the note in question.

Any mistaken value entries or mistaken brushes with a midi knobs (because of how the knobs respond to touch) mean the step has to be cleared and re-entered.

This is particularly a challenge for midi instruments with no screens, where parameter values may be represented by a knob. Once adjusted, the previously set parameter value may be lost.

What do you want to achieve?

A seemingly simple fix: allow cc parameter values for midi assignable knobs to be dialed back to “~”

Are there any workarounds?

The workaround is laborious for the user. It entails deleting the step, copying a step from another track, pasting the step, then manually re-inputting the step’s information including note, note length, volume, etc, as well as any desired midi cc values.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Actually, i think you can already do this by double tapping the corresponding screen button next to the CC parameter. This should clear out the defined CC entirely.


I should also have added: @nickcolangelo, please let us know if this solves your feature wish, as essentially it’s already implemented. :blush:

Unless i misunderstood your intentions, then let’s refine it further :heart:

Bumping this since i haven’t heard back from @nickcolangelo . Please let us know if this fulfills your request.

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thank you so much for this info! it’s been a puzzle! i will be able to confirm your solution solves my problem in 2 days when i get back home

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that worked! thank you!!

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Glad to hear :partying_face: . I’ll close this wish then :wink:

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