Allow Envelope and LFO to modulate a destination simultaneously

Allow both the Envelope and LFO to modulate the same destination simultaneously.

What is the problem?

No problem, just a request for enhancement

What do you want to achieve?

Richer sound design options

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Serum has this and way more. It would be nice to add modulation capabilities to the wavetable oscillator.

Hey hey @pointandclicksystems :wave:

Question: so the goal here would be to have a more complex lfo shape to modulate one destination? Or should it specifically be Envelope AND the LFO for this.

The reason i am asking, is this wish here:

(also there is a metric-ton of LFO wishes anyway :joy: ).

Just wondering if you see this wish covered already in one of the accepted wishes :blush:

Quick follow up @pointandclicksystems, to see if you had time to review the message above, since i haven’t heard from you :blush:

its pretty straight forward to me. what more do you need? i want to use both to effect each destination. but really its not so important.

i guess just delete

Oh sorry, i just realized what you meant! :man_facepalming:
My bad, my brain did not compute that properly apparently :laughing: .

Just answering my question would have cleared that up pretty quickly though, hence why i was asking if you read my message.

yes i read it.

@pointandclicksystems Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction. :slight_smile:

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