All Instruments In Project Have Been Mysteriously Deleted

All the instruments in my project have been erased

I was working on this song I made by originally importing and modifying a MOD file. I was able to save my project as its own project instead of overwriting the mod file. This worked fine. I came back to it recently and loaded my project and everything was how I left it except one big thing, there wasn’t any audio. After a little digging and reloading the project and power cycling the Tracker, I went to the sample loader and noticed that every single sample and instrument that were in the project were completely gone. The last time I had my project open and it was working normally, I didn’t save at all at the end of that session. As these samples and instruments were originally packed into a MOD file, I don’t believe I have any way of moving those over to the project and trying to reclaim what was lost. The instruments in the project were also somewhat modified from the originals as well.

Reproduction Steps

  1. At the moment, I don’t know how to reproduce this error. I haven’t had it happen with other projects.


I’ve only had this happen one time so far.

Found in

Firmware v1.6.0

  • Build: (I don’t know how to find the build number)


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@tokyoscarab Thanks for your report. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce this issue either. Without reproduction we can’t help you, or fix the issue. Also, as said in other Bug s regarding Import Mod feature: it will not work 100% correctly for all cases out there. This is also stated in the user manual. We don’t plan to invest further effort into improving Import Mod, as we want to focus in other ways of improving our Tracker products. Therefore, I will close this report.

I am following up by saying that I have had this issue happen again. This also is in a project that started as a mod file that was imported. I also want to clarify that in both these cases, these were saved and were loaded after a power cycle and were found to work as they should. I have no idea what steps are needed to reproduce the issue. I did notice something interesting is that while no instrument data exists because it appears to be deleted, the actual instrument parameters appear to still exist in the project itself. There are some instruments that still have volume adjustments as well as retain their original sample playback start points, end points, and loop points. I don’t know if that helps, but this appears to be an issue that only happens after you import a mod file and save it as a new project and then return to it.

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