Akai MPK Keyboard with Tracker Mini

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently owned a Tracker Mini - I’ve gone through many threads on this forum, but I still haven’t gotten a clear answer.

Is it possible to input sounds using an external MIDI controller such as the AKAI MPK Mini?

Has anyone managed to correctly connect and configure an external MIDI controller (besides a smartphone or ipad)?

Via USB directly? Probably no. The easiest is to use TRS MIDI in that scenario.

The issue with USB is that the Mini won’t power your external device and may have issues communicating properly.

Hey! Please vote here for Polyend to implement some kind of alternate note entry mode in a future update so that the need for an external controller with more cables is less of an issue and doesn’t negate portability.

The idea is to be able to play samples / chops via the 8 contextual screen buttons: Alternate Note Entry Mode - #39 by Pizza2047