Add support for setting lowest middle C to C2 or lower

Bug Description

Using beat slice to chop up sample automatically associates each slice with step starting at C2. The lowest Middle-C is C3. My expectation is that I should be able to set the default octave to whatever I want. Just to be clear, it seems like a bug that I can’t set the default value below C3. Why would the system do something like associate slices with C2 but then I can’t set the default middle C value below C3? That seems like a bug.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open the Settings menu and go to the midi controls, select middle C



Found in


The above is the original post that I submitted along with the response that I received. The response I received is not adequate nor did it address the problem. The issue is that best slicing automatically associates the notes with C2. However, you cannot set the lowering middle C to that value. You can only set it to C3. What I am saying is that the bug is that the middle value cannot be assigned below C3. That doesn’t make any sense. I should be able to set middle C to anything if I need to.

Hi @tuesday.clark , I’m sorry you’re not happy with the current solution. To change the current design we suggest logging a Wishlist and not a Bug , as we don’t treat it as such. I will close this issue as duplicate of your previous bug report. Thanks for your understanding.

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